Episode 340

The Power of Understanding Human Nature

Published on: 19th December, 2023

Primary topic: Introduction to human nature

- Importance of understanding human nature for a happier and less stressful life

- Humans as social beings and the need to interact with others

Primary topic: Memory and perception

- Memories can be subjective and reconstructed based on perceptions

- Memories can be altered by tone or the addition of words

- Different words can lead to different memory recall

Primary topic: Unconscious decision-making

- Most decisions are made unconsciously by the brain

- Unconscious mental processing plays a role in decision-making

- Study shows that unconscious decisions are made about 7 seconds before conscious awareness

Primary topic: Multitasking

- Multitasking is not effective

- Humans can only think about one thing at a time

- Multitasking is actually switching back and forth between tasks quickly

- Multitasking hinders productivity and communication skills

- AI can be useful for taking notes in situations where multitasking is difficult

Primary topic: Benefits of understanding human nature

- Changing perspectives through understanding human nature

- Development of better communication skills

- Thriving in personal and professional systems

Closing remarks and podcast outro.

Janice Chaka [:

Hello, and welcome to The Traveling Introvert. Today, I wanna talk about human nature. And it's funny. Every time I I say that word, like, I've got, like, 2 songs in my head at the same time. There's Michael Jackson, and there's the TLC. But human nature, as humans, as fellow humans, there are things that we should sort of know and learn about human nature that will make our life easier. And understanding people better is a key to a successful well, just happier, easier, less stressful life. Humans are social beings and must inevitably interact with other human beings to get things done and to get through life.

Janice Chaka [:

And, if you don't understand at least a little bit of human nature, you're probably gonna hit some roadblocks, box, which is fine, but it's it's better if you learn some things. And human nature is a combination of characteristics that clued, how humans feel and act and thinks sort of how they naturally think. And I'm just gonna talk about a couple of things to help p u sort of move through thinking with and talking with other humans. Yeah. Your memories might be wrong. Memories change based on your perceptions of the world and how you words to make sense of the world. Therefore, every time you recall a memory, it's reconstructed in some way. They're not like movie clips replay in your brain, your brain takes over and adds information it thinks is missing.

Janice Chaka [:

My this information can also be easily altered by tone or adding a few words, and people can I recall different memories just by different words used? And so because of this, my you remember things, it might not always be the way that it is. Another thing is eyes. Most decisions, whether you like it or not, are made unconsciously. Your brain prepares most of the findings bangs, or it's thoughts through unconscious mental processing by able to predict decisions. Kind of like when you read something and and it's things are misspelled or the words are jumbled, your brain has already kind of filled in the blanks for you without you thinking about it. My and so there was a study, and the study showed that people's unconscious brains decided about 7 seconds before sort of complex and really interesting, but a lot of things are really ingrained, and making that change can be difficult. My and one last thing, you can't multitask effectively. My and this might seem to some people hard to believe, but you can't multitask effectively.

Janice Chaka [:

You my only thinking about 1 thing at a time. You might switch constantly between 2 or 3 things, but at any given time, you are only thinking about one thing. You might think that you are reading and writing at the same time, but that is a misconception. The way humans multitask is by simply switching back and forth really fast, like the Olsen Twins, to give you an illusion vision that you can do things simultaneously. You didn't get the awesome twins joke. You kinda need to watch some John Oliver. Anyway, it is crucial to stand that multitasking just doesn't work and will hinder your productivity and communication skills in the long run. You are physically unable to concentrate on more than one thing, and you'll often leave out valuable information or make mistakes when you try to kind of multitask.

Janice Chaka [:

My so try to avoid, basically, any type of multitasking. And if you're struck especially if you're struggling with something, whether it's work or my or or or a particular task. That's why you might find in Zoom meetings, it's really hard to pay attention and to take notes. And that's why, you know, it's really good to have sort of AI that will take notes for you because we are not made to multitask. So as humans, we're interesting and complex. And so learning all that you can about human nature can help change your perspective and allow you to develop better communication skills and my systems to thrive. Thank you for listening. This is Janice at the career introvert.com, helping you build your brand and get hired.

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