Episode 341

Embracing Life's Transitions: How to Thrive Through Change

Published on: 26th December, 2023

I. Introduction

- Importance of thriving through life's transitions

II. Understanding the value of now

- Being mindful and present

- Focusing on the present moment

- Letting go of multitasking

- Finding humor in life's challenges

III. Embracing change and transitions

- Accepting change as a normal part of life

- Adapting and shifting gears quickly

- Making and maintaining self-care routines

IV. Building a supportive social community

- Recognizing the need for both alone time and social connections

- Building relationships with like-minded individuals

- Trusting and relying on supportive people

- Asking for help when needed

V. Thriving through difficult transitions

- Preparing for inevitable changes

- Taking the good with the bad

- Setting an example for others to thrive

Conclusion and closing remarks by Janice

Janice Chaka [:

Hello, and welcome to The Traveling Introvert. Today, I wanna talk about transitions. Throughout life, you kinda gonna encounter many different types of transitions such as going through childhood, becoming an adult, parenthood and that sort of a thing. But you also might experience transitions like buying a home, maybe having fortunate accident, changing jobs. There are always going to be transitions in life. And whatever transitions your life brings, you can try thrive through it all if you know how, and if you realize that it's happening. So I wanna talk about some things that can help you thrive through life's transitions. Understanding the value of now.

Janice Chaka [:

You've heard about being mindful and present, and it's essential. However, life sometimes distracts you from the here and now. So learn how to focus on what's happening in the moment, smell the air, feel the sadness, I'll experience the joy right now. Focus on one thing at a time. Instead of placing your focus in multiple places at once, try and set up your life so that you can schedule activities in a way that enables to truly fully concentrate on one thing at a time. Multitasking doesn't work, not in reality, and not in your mind, so let it go. Find the humor in life. Sometimes it can be really, really hard to find the humor unless you're actively looking for ironic humor, but it's funny that 2 year olds have nuclear meltdowns only when you're not expecting them.

Janice Chaka [:

Find the humor in even the most mundane or chaotic things to help you get you through your day. Maybe even maybe if you have a favorite comedian or, Yeah. Basically, comedian or things that you like to listen to that are funny. Maybe have a little file of the way you have those. So when you're feeling, yeah, you're not so great, you go and listen to that comedian. Change is a totally normal part of life. Therefore, transitions are a totally normal part of life. When everything seems to be on track, you can bet there's a change in the routine on the way.

Janice Chaka [:

And the faster that you can accept the change and shift gears, the sooner you'll adapt to what's happening around you and move on. Make and maintain self care routines. When something big It happens either bad or good. Double down on your self care routines. Whatever those routine routines might look like will help you through a transition and to stay positive and to make good decisions based from reality and not just your emotions and build your social community. People don't thrive alone. Sure. We're introverts, and we need our alone time, but we also need others, and so remember who tops up your battery your energy battery, and have those people around you.

Janice Chaka [:

Less less the vampire energy, energy vampires, less of them, but more of the others. Build supportive relationships with like minded individuals that you can trust and rely on because that's gonna help you through transitions. Even if it's just so you can talk something through or leave a voice message or write an email and send it and just just to get it out of your system. Whatever those systems might look like, go ahead and build them. And don't be don't be surprised. Don't be don't be bad with yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Your friends, your family, your work groups, other connections want to see you succeed in life.

Janice Chaka [:

They may not always know how to help you, but they will support whatever it is that you want to do or find ways to do that. Thriving through difficult transitions is possible because you should prepare for inevitable changes. That's everything is inevitable. You'll get older. Your kids will grow up and leave home. Your parents will age and pass away, leaving you to take over where they left off. Take the good with the bad and show others how to thrive. Thank you for listening.

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