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Hello, and welcome to the traveling internet. Today I would like to talk about workspaces. I recently posted on Instagram, asking what type of workspaces people preferred. And I got a few answers and I got a few answers from other people that I talked to. And I realized that I actually missed the days of cubicles. I used to work in a big office environment, and we had cubicles and I always had the cubicle in the corner facing the wall away from the aisle. So if anyone wanted to get my attention, they literally had to come up behind me and sort of tapped me on the shoulder because I also used to wear headphones. And it was great for concentration because there was nothing that would draw my iomai attention way because it was just me and my two screens, Oh, don't get me started on having more than one screen. So that's something that I realized I miss even though now I generally have my own office, my my desk faces, sort of a filing cabinet type place open a filing cabinet is like a bookshelf type thing. And my door might be open or close. And I can see outside and I realized now that I do get distracted by various things. And so I might need to rearrange my room so that I'm facing a wall and make it a cubicle wall. And even if I put headphones on. And so this led to further discussions, one person mentioned that they liked being in coffee shops with classical music. And that might not be as easy to find as you might think. And my response was, Well, why don't you bring your own classical music and they were like, well, I edit Sound or podcast for my jobs, I need to be able to actually hear what I'm editing. So I copy my music. And I was like, Oh, yeah, that that makes sense. So they like the background noise of a coffee shop and people having people around. And also classical music. Another person was very much like me myself, and I know no one else. And so leads to the discussion of what kind of environment Do you work best. Some people work best in different types of environments for different types of tasks. For example, if it's like green sky, or blue sky thinking, you might want to sit on a couch or somewhere comfortable. If it's just a menial work where you're doing repetitive tasks, you might want to sit in a certain place. For example, if I have to do a very repetitive task, I actually have a playlist of music that I like to use. I have a friend that they if they're doing a menial tasks, they will have a podcast on TV on and I find that incredibly distracting, even if it is a menial task that I'm doing, I'd rather listen to music where, for example, I know the lyrics, so or Michael Jackson songs, or this, like brainwave music that's quite popular right now that you can find on YouTube or something of that nature. And everyone has a different way that they work and how they work best part of that is the environment that you are in. So what can you do to create the ideal environment for the work that you do, or the different types of work that you do? Be in an office or that you work for yourself? Even those digital nomads, as much as they work for themselves and get to pick to a degree where they work, they might not have the choice of the type of lighting that's in the CO working space, or the see that they have those of us who are short. And it's incredibly difficult to get a comfortable seat because generally we need a seat and a desk and a foot rest or an adjustable desk and that you don't get very often. So what kind of environments D You work best? And why do you think you work best in them? And what can you do to change your current environment to help you work better? And I don't think this is just an introverted thing. I think this is also just a people thing, trying to make what your tasks are and how you do them more efficient. I wasn't really talking about anything specific, I realize but for me, I think what I'm looking forward to is getting a plant. I've never had a plant before. And I think it will be interesting to see if that helps with my concentration. Also, I am going to now move my desk to face a wall and see what happens and give that a try and see what else I can add to my environment. Maybe lighting might make a difference. I'm not really sure because right now I just use natural light. But I'm wondering if having a lamp or white light lamp would make a difference. I would love to hear or see photos of your ideal workspace. Please email me at or you can find me on Instagram at the courage of it. I look forward to hearing from you and have a great rest of your day.

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