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I'm actually recording this on Thanksgiving, so actually it's midnight. So Black Friday and what I am doing is unsubscribing from Black Friday. And what I mean by this is Black Friday week and Cyber Monday. Tuesday tends to be the time that any mailing list that you are accidentally or on purpose on will send you an email or 15, because this is the time when people who have these mailing lists that they've left dormant for months or years or whatever will be like, oh, but Black Friday, I need to do a sale.


I need to do this a promotion or whatever it might be. So you're almost guaranteed to get an email from companies, organizations that you haven't heard from in a long time, or also companies that you have been hearing from on a regular basis. So what I've been doing is using this as an opportunity to unsubscribe from organizations, people that I haven't been engaging with, that content is no longer relevant for me. It's a really interesting thing. Now, there are some people who I have been reading the emails on a regular basis.


And yes, they happen to be doing a promotion or they are specifically doing a promotion for Black Friday. And I will just delete the email, but I won't unsubscribe because I've been in regular contact with things have been going on. But Black Friday is a great time to unsubscribe and clean out your mailbox. And also you'll find that the amount of emails that you get will be more. Now, there are a lot of organizations that decide Black Friday is a thing.


This is what I'm going to do. They have amazing discounts of 25, 50 percent of whatever it might be, or they put together bundles or they do lifetime deals or they work with other competitors or other organizations to put together this Black Friday deal. Um, some other deals that are just available on the Black Friday. Some have been known to up their prices before Black Friday and then discount this amusing bunny ears, discount those things afterwards. And so when you're looking and thinking about your Black Friday deals, I think it's really good to take a look and think about the kind of organizations that you want to work with are the ones that try and do.


It's only nineteen dollars to sign up and then, you know, your next payment is three hundred and something where they do the bait and switch or that they decide, no, I'm not going to, you know, live into the Black Friday and fade into the Black Friday sales thing. And my prices are my prices. And this is just what your pay. Maybe I'll do a special on offer something extra, but I'm not going to discount my base prices.


And I think that is a good way to go, because all in all, what Black Friday encourages, especially with software deals, is for people to buy something cheaply, not really see it at its true value, because even if someone says, oh, it's nineteen dollars, but really it's five hundred and sixty eight dollars, you know what it's worth. People don't perceive it that way and they'll buy it at the eighteen dollars and then be shocked the next year or the next quarter whenever the next billing cycle is, when the price is whatever it is and they won't see the inherent value in that particular item.


So it goes with courses and with coaching sessions or with branding, whatever it might be that you have as a business, it is better to offer a bonus like a bonus, one on one session or a bonus workbook that only comes out once a year or something of that nature. Offer more instead of discounting your prices, because people will see that, oh, this is your price and you're going to offer this extra thing, Black Friday. So you're still getting paid your worth.


That's my viewpoint on it. And the other thing is it's overwhelming. There were so many emails and so many Black Friday deals that you don't know what might be good for you and your business. And you might buy something on impulse and then realize it's not a good fit. Oh, it's not exactly what I need. And so unless you've done your research in advance and had a game plan or I'm only going to spend this amount on Black Friday, this tends to be a time of year where people impulse spend and then regret later.


And maybe you don't want to be that organization that people regret buying later. Just just something to keep in mind. So thanks for listening. This is janice@thecareerintrovert.com helping people, mainly introverts, build their brand and get hired. Have a great rest of your week.


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