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Let's talk about traditions. 

What are some things you do during the holidays or the year solely because other people have done them before you, whether alive or dead?


Traditions can be held dearly to us.  But they should be able to grow and change in a way that best suits our lives. Like themes, they should be flexible. When we learn more, we should change the way traditions fit into our lives. 


For example, instead of holiday cards this year, I chose to send voice memos with a personalized message to the close people in my life. Many people appreciated this, and it can be a one-off tradition, or I can choose to do this again. Traditions don't have to last 20 years. You can choose to incorporate one-off traditions into your life. 


Think about the things you do every year because it's expected of you and not because you like to do them. Reconsider these traditions and change them in a way that best fits you. Make your traditions add value to you, don't just think about what happened in the past; consider your future. 


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