Things not to do on Zoom

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day I want to talk about I can't believe I'm saying this, things that happen on some things that you really shouldn't do when you are on Zoom. So in my time, I have been running online coworking sessions and sometimes most people have their video off, which is fine and makes perfect sense. But occasionally I've been running the sessions and there's a couple things that I've noticed that even if I'm deep in work, catch my eye and therefore make it hard for me to concentrate.


If you are on video and depending on where your camera is compared to you, especially if your camera is lower down on, you are looking down into your camera. If you are eating or chewing gum while being on easy video and you were looking down into the camera, it's not a great look. And also it is very distracting if I get it, if you are working and the camera's on for accountability. But that movement of constant chewing can be distracting for people because it is a very consistent kind of movement that can back.


And also people then want to know what you mean, because there's been times where I thought someone was just like taking a bite and then realised that the chewing gum the entire time or they're having a full four course meal, then the other things that I have seen and these are stories also that people have told me about things that they have found disturbing during coworking sessions as well as in video meetings, is people who pick their nose and not just a gentle sort of like wipe or blow your nose and sneeze and wipe it out and go.


But more like, you know, digging for gold or buried treasure up there. If this is something that you do, please be aware that people can see you and might find it off. Putting other things that people have mentioned during the meetings is the camera of the camera of your angle. The angle of your camera is very important. If you are looking down into the camera, it means the camera can see directly up your nose. I didn't mean to do to nose things in a row, but so be it.


And that might not be the best, most flattering angle for you. It's also not ergonomically great if you're using the same keyboard. So something to think about when you are doing a zoom meeting, online, coworking, any other sort of thing that involves Zoom. What else have I heard about? There was also the time when and I get it, it happens. You forget that your camera comes on automatically. You set it to come on the start of a meeting and in the meantime you faffing around doing whatever.


But we've definitely had people who have gotten changed during a zoom meeting or working session. They kind of put the camera sort of when you sort of half close your laptop and you put the camera down and you think the camera can't see stuff. But the problem tends to be Kamisese, the lower half of you. So if you are, you know, bulleting where you you're great on top in the bottom. We've just got underway. We see that.


So just something to keep in mind. Just because you close your laptop, then three quarters of the way doesn't mean the camera switches off and or we get to see the lower half of you. And it could be that your dog is at your feet and we just get sea dog. Or it could be that we get to see those fancy fishnets that you're wearing or some stripy socks or underwear and a lot of leg. So these are things to take into consideration.


I highly recommend chess is better just not to have video if you're going to do anything and or double safety is to have a little cover of your camera that you can flip over it so that it can cover it. So you know for sure that your camera is not on or it can be seeing stuff because, you know, stuff glitches. Just because you press that button on zoom, sometimes it doesn't always work or there's a delay, etc., etc.


. So thank you all for listening. If you have any stories of things that people have done during zoom meetings, that or coworking sessions that you would like to share, please email me at, helping you build your brand and get hired. Thanks for listening and have a great rest of your week.


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