Stress Management as An Entrepreneur

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Hello, and welcome to the traveling introvert. Today I want to talk about stress management as an entrepreneur. And this has come up because of burnout has become a very popular topic among the circles that I'm in. But knowing what to do before you even get that far, and realizing when you are under stress, and how you should deal with it. And a lot of the time, you don't realize how much stress you are under, because it ends up being a very gradual thing. It's very rare that one minute you're not stressed in the next minute, you're super stressed. It could be like an email or something like that, but it's something very temporary. You'll write the email and the stress will go away. But what tends to happen as an entrepreneur is there is a slow and steady buildup of stress to the point that you don't realize it's happening until it's too late. And this happened to me recently. And I ended up breaking down crying and calling friends. And that was great, because I realized what had happened. And I reached out and I got support. And that part was great. But looking back and realizing that this was something that had been steadily building over a period of time, and that I hadn't caught the signs. It's, it's kind of sad to me. And so what I realized is what I need to build into my every day work practices or my everyday non work practices, is something that will always ground me something that will bring come to my mind, something that will bring peace to my body as well. And it could be a variety of things. I'm having a list or a variety of things that you know that you do that ground you It could be something like reading a book for 10 minutes. It could be Something like gentlemen, where you brain dump everything that's going on in your mind and put it all on paper, you have to do anything about it, you have to solve any problems, you just have to get it out of your mind. What happens with me is I tend not to sleep very well, the more stressed I am. And that's because I just, I just lie there. And I think and I think and I think and so one way to stop that is to write it down or to leave a voicemail if you don't write it down because I can't read my handwriting the next morning. Maybe it's nice to have a voice memo of the stuff. And it could be something like coloring. It could be something like playing a game it could really be something like zoning out and Xbox in for an hour. That could make you feel grounded and whatever it is, whatever it is that you need to do have a bath every Friday night Are you always loved during that sitting candles and glass of wine or my favorite drink of choice at that time with the book. But try and build something in every day and then something slightly Bigger maybe every week, something that's a bigger thing every month and something that's taking a half day and going to a spouse mean that like completely unplugged you every quarter so you can reset. I've seen it happen to a friend of mine they recently went on vacation they haven't been on vacation in years and it's only because they girlfriend push them to go on vacation and they're like, oh, okay, I feel far more equipped to go back and deal with like the stuff because they got to unplug and just be away. For three days. It was like a long weekend. So stress management as an entrepreneur, it's not about the the every day stuff that gets you angry or upset or stressed. It's the realizing that your pressure valve is slowly creeping up and and it will get to a point where it bursts and you need to stop that. So making sure that you have a valve a release valve for every day and every week and every month and every quarter. It really lucky every year. That you can go and you can reset and release that pressure. And that steam that I found and I'm finding is the best way to deal with stress management as an entrepreneur because other things are always going to change. Other things are always going to get in the way. There's always going to be a setback, there's always gonna be some software that breaks, there's always going to be something and because of this having a practice of a range of things that you do that calms you will save your blood pressure, possibly save your life, and it will give you mind space to think about things from a different angle. Thank you for listening. This is Janice from The Career Introvert, helping you launch your podcast with a minimum stress and no overwhelm

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