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today I want to discuss your customer journey. A lot of people, when they're thinking about starting a new business, they get very excited to do the website. They do the logo, they they have the product and they go out there and try and sell it, which is great.


But a lot of the time they don't think about the journey that the customer has to make. Either before or after or during the sale, and that's where you can figure out where there might be some issues. So, for example, OK, your client finds you, happens to find you via a blog post on that blog post page. Is there a way to contact you? Is there a way to grab your freebie? Is there a way to get one on one time with you?


If they own if the only thing they see is that blog post, how can they then get a hold of you? Is that even an option? Does a blog post lead to something that carries on from what the blog post topic was about, or is it something unrelated? Is there a special offer at the end of the blog post is an option to sign up for your newsletter. If they do sign up for your newsletter, do they get put into a welcome sequence or do they go straight into a sequence that leads on from that particular newsletter?


And if so, when do they get the welcome sequence to find out a little bit more about you? Do they get tagged in the system? If they do get Tegner system, what's the tag? Where's the workflow? You need to think about the workflow for your customer, your potential customer to make sure that you have everything in place required to make that happen and flow easily. You want your customer to find out more about you to feel like, know and trust, but also have a very consistent experience.


And so along with the emails, how do they then maybe buy a course from you or set up time with you? Is it easy? Do you always promote within your newsletter that the newsletter doesn't have to be happy about the course, but at the bottom of your newsletter, are there calls to action? Like if you want this information, click here. If you're more interested in this, click here. How do you go about segmenting your clients?


Because you might have people who are interested in travel overall, for example, but some might be more interested in train travel or plane travel. How do you go about segmenting people in that way and keeping them engaged? So the other thing is once they pay for a product, what happens? Do they get a welcome sequence from paying for that product or do they get something else or something similar as some of you could duplicate across all of your all of your products?


But they sort of get an email that's slightly tweaked. And what help and support do they get after that? Are all of your newsletter emails just by friendly neighborhood Spider-Man emails, or are they some of those kind of emails?


But every month you give an overview of what you're doing that month. How do you break up the information that you give to your potential clients and your newsletter followers? Do you have different newsletters for different things?


Once someone does start working with you, do they get a regular email? Do they get reminders for their appointments? How does that flow? What about payments? How do they regularly pay you? Do you invoice or is auto payment is a subscription.


So many coaches I know do manual payments and so they're sitting there once a month on different days of the month, like figuring out how much someone needs to pay and then running their credit card manually instead of just setting them up with paper subscription. So they pay once and then it comes out. And at the same time, every month, there are so many different ways to make your life easier and your client's life easier. But if you don't figure out your clients flow and how they get to you and what different ways they can get to you and their client journey, you have no way of plugging those gaps and no way of making it a seamless and hopefully mostly automated experience for your customers.


So before you get into selling in the flash sales on the phone, all of these things, figure out what your client journey looks like and then figure out if you have the tech stack to go with it, because that's the important thing. And once you figure out what you need, then you can make sure that you have a tech stack to support the framework that you have for your clients. Thank you for listening.


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