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In this episode I talk all things packing


[00:00:14] Hello and welcome to The Traveling Introvert. Today, we are going to talk about you know what I just changed my mind. We're going to talk about packing. The reason we are going to talk about packing is because I just had a dream about packing and going on a trip in a few days and I've done my first round of packing and my dream was about having a certain amount of stuff that was in my suitcase going into another room coming back. And all of a sudden the stuff had doubled or tripled and I'm still trying to fit that same stuff in to my same sized suitcase. So I guess packing is on my mind and there is so much about packing it is because I do certain things. [00:01:02][48.2]

[00:01:03] One of the things is I'm going to rave about packing cubes mainly because one of the things that I've discovered that's wonderful about packing cubes. Actually two things is and there is one bad point and a bad point packing cubes can cause you to overpack and overstuff because you can fit so much in a packing cube and it compresses everything that you have technically more space in your suitcase for other stuff and then you end up being too heavy. [00:01:27][24.1]

[00:01:28] Two plus points. I actually ended up using a packing tube in my backpack that I take with me that has my electronics and stuff like that. And normally what I do is I have on a small cube that has a change of clothes in it and one of the planes I caught not so recently anymore was one of those turboprops which has very little space and at the time my bag looked very full because it had food and other things in it. But what I did was I popped out my packing cube and said my bag compressed and could fit in. The packing cube just sat on the side. It was great because everything was still organized and nice. It's just it's helped save space. [00:02:08][40.0]

[00:02:08] The other thing I realized about packing cubes is put my clothes in packing cubes before I even put the cubes into the suitcase. I can weigh the packing cubes separately to have a rough idea of how much my suitcase might weigh. So what I did last night is that I packed my packing cubes in a different way of my suitcase. Normally I go down put it in the suitcase and then weigh the suitcase awkwardly because I'm kind of short and so doing that is weird but then I just scooped up all of my packing cubes because I have a scale and I put them on the scale. It was nice and easy and not so bad on my back. [00:02:40][32.3]

[00:02:42] So when I said first round of packing I wonder how many of you just packed the once because they always say that you should pack three or four times. Not everyone has the time to do that. We should sort of lay out your clothes that you want to take and then take a look see if the colour coordinated and what events you actually have to attend and how much you actually need. Do you have access to a washing machine. Can you mix and match some stuff. Do you have to wear them once. Those sort of things and then you know you must go through and cul do a second or third go round and it is very helpful because I don't really need that top just because you pull at the top and you want to wear it. Or Oh I forgot this I've forgotten that it's very good to sort of lay it out and plan it so people have packing lists to date. [00:03:25][43.6]

[00:03:26] And if anyone finds this please email me or put it in the Facebook group. If you find an app a packing app that is capable of having you pack for more than one place at a time that would be awesome because I tend to get packing apps that very much like where you go Hawaii and Alaska and Brazil and they're like oh well we're are going to deal with Hawaii because that's the first thing you put in. They're not very good at long trips or trips that involve different things because they're like is a business or pleasure like it's both. I need a little bit of this and a little bit of that so I couldn't find a packing list that does that would be great. [00:04:02][35.4]

[00:04:02] So people keep especally if they travel often keep a set quick travel toiletries bag that's just ready to go and might be refilling every now and then you refill it when you come back but it's just ready for you to go it just have it there. You can have your home stuff at home but just have this little vanity bag just ready to get so you have to think about repacking it every time he just has your stuff in there all the time. [00:04:25][22.1]

[00:04:25] The only thing I realize that I do that helps me have a really good taste of home that I love Lush products but I can't really get them everywhere I go and so I specifically have a body wash that is from Lush that is my body wash it's a thing that I like to do. Lush is very good for travelers they have shampoo bars so you don't have that many liquids and that sort of thing are highly recommended and lots of people rave about the bars. I personally don't use them but I know a lot of people rave about them. [00:04:57][31.5]

[00:04:58] I am also very upset right now because the suitcase I have had for about at least three to four years has been broken and I'm sad but it also means I could use my spare suitcase now. Which is weird and so it is the exact same suitcase but I just I'm just not used to this new one and it's it's also a color that is very similar to everyone. My other suitcase was a lovely color with lots of stickers on it so now I have to find more stickers for this new suitcase. [00:05:24][26.1]

[00:05:25] Always check the locks. I always make sure you have a luggage tag on there that has your name your number. I know great way of doing it is having your business card in there instead. [00:05:34][8.1]

[00:05:35] And happy travels. Packing is out. Are you a roller or are you folder because a lot of people are also into that. [00:05:41][6.0]

[00:05:41] Please message me and let me know which one you are. Thank you. This is The Traveling Introvert and look forward to seeing you next time. [00:05:41][0.0]


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