My life outside of work is uneventful

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Keeping your private life private is a good thing


[00:00:14] Hello and welcome to The Traveling Introvert. Today I'm going to answer a question someone wrote in. The question was my life outside of work is kind of uneventful. Could this hurt my career? [00:00:26][11.9]

[00:00:27] I found this question to be interesting because it's all about perspective. What does uneventful really mean. Because a lot of us do think that we lead maybe very boring lives. You know we get to work we come home we Netflix we sleep we get out we go to work come home you know that sort of thing. And for us because we're stuck in the every day of our lives we might feel that it is boring or uneventful and because we get told that networking and socialising is the backbone of getting getting on in your career or climbing that ladder. You may feel that having an uneventful and use this word sparingly uneventful social life. It could hurt your career and so I want to look at it in a different way. [00:01:14][47.6]

[00:01:16] Your life in your eyes may be uneventful but are you happy because I think this matters more than hurting your career chances. Are you happy with your life. Are you happy with what you do. When you come home is your home a refuge or do you hate being at home. Can you come home and relax and recharge. Does your home make you feel comfortable calm relaxed. If it does these things and you are happy then that's okay. If you don't go out much you stay home and you do things at home. Or maybe people come round to yours. [00:01:55][39.6]

[00:01:56] I know people who think their life is uneventful and they come home and they cleared a podcast or do puzzles or do charity work online or run a forum or even a gaming group. To them this is uneventful because they enjoy what they do outside of work and they feel it doesn't make a big enough impact on their career. But they are happy because while a career can be great. It is not everything and so finding a balance in your life is important. If you feel that you need to make more of an effort thats also fine and there's ways of doing that without feeling that you're you're cheating and then not being yourself just those same things that you do at home. Maybe you could do outside of your home with different people for example board game groups. There are a lot of boardgame groups around and boardgame cafes where you accidently end up meeting new people or meeting a new game which will then lead you to go and maybe do research on line and then you find a new forum then you find a different way of playing it and then you're learning this other thing and all of these things lead to meeting new people or otherwise and learning new things and so it's not about work your life outside of work being uneventful. [00:03:20][83.5]

[00:03:21] I think one of the problems is that people always ask how your weekend was and you think that you have to have an answer that it's like oh I'd have 3000 different things I am super man rather than I stayed at home and recharged because work is draining which might be the real answer. [00:03:37][16.0]

[00:03:38] So your life outside of work doesn't affect your career. Obviously there are some circumstances where if you doing some things certain things that people find out about might affect your career. But if you are private about your private life then it shouldn't be a problem and if people want to talk and ask what you do you can go to tell them the whole thing you can tell them snippets of anecdotes about what you do. People ask me what I do over the weekend. Sometimes I can't even remember because I tend to take my weekends in the middle of the week. For example my take a Wednesday offer Thursday off and not necessarily like a Saturday Sunday but also because things go into a blur for me because . I might go out and see it then I might do a thing but I would say My life is uneventful and people look at me like I am crazy. So it's all about perspective. [00:04:30][51.6]

[00:04:31] So to answer the question my life outside of work is uneventful and could this hurt my career as I enjoy not doing anything illegal that hurts people. No you should be fine, do you. And this is The Traveling Introvert I look forward to seeing you next time. [00:04:31][0.0]


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