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today I would like to talk about intentionality, something that I was thinking about, one of those shower thoughts where right now I'm currently starting taking some time off. I'm taking about two weeks of client work. And yesterday I spent the day resting a little and pottering around and doing stuff. And I wasn't on the verge of being bored because I was tired. And so I napped, you know, read a little.


And that's more played some games, a trend. But I realized because I hadn't planned my day, I had to be really intentional in what I was going to do with my time. I was intentionally napping. I was intentionally going to eat now and then eat again in three hours or prepare whatever it was. I was intentionally attending a planning session. Even though the end of your planning session will start of your planning session really was a five hour session.


I was tired, but I was enjoying what I was doing. So I intentionally stayed and focused on that work and the process that I was going through with my cohorts. So what I realized is when I'm not officially working, I have less control maybe over what I am intentionally doing and how I am intentionally spending my time. And so this is making me think about how I want to set up my time next year, next week, next month.


And I can intentionally work with clients and be very much I'm here to intentionally do this thing. And maybe that's a slightly different mindset to, OK, I'm going to do this thing because it pays me money or because it makes somebody happy or it helps them with their business. And so the intentionality around intentionally napping, because my body is telling me that I am tired, even though I had a good night's sleep or intentionally spending time on crochet or intentionally spending time planning X, Y and Z, because I didn't have a jam packed calendar.


And normally I'm a very strict calendar person. So I'm wondering, do I need my calendar to be as strict as it has been? And is it stopping my intentionality or how can I breathe intentionally out intentionality into my calendar? That's something I was thinking about and also intentionality in my time off. I do have a bunch of stuff planned that I want to do that I'm excited about, but I actually get to choose the time when I'm going to do it, how long I'm going to take on it.


And it's it feels very different to me and I can't quite explain why. I've had people talk about intentionality before and I didn't fully understand it. And now I think I'm starting to get a little idea about intentionality and what that might look like in general.


So, listeners, what question I have for you is. While you are thinking about what you want to do in the future this week, this month, this year, except that you always have choices, even if you don't like the choices that are available to you, you still have them. Any time you tell yourself that you must do something because you have no choice, it's a lie. It's not true. The thing is, you may not have a choice that you like, but there is always a choice between things and it is yours to make get to know yourself if you don't know yourself and what you want from your life, your morals, your values and that sort of thing, that is hard to make choices and you kind of make random decisions.


It's hard to live a life of intention if you don't know where you want to end up and you don't know what success is or happiness is to you, you won't be able to get there because you won't have an end point and learn how to set your goals and understand what it takes to reach those goals. You set goals and make it the smart method and all that good stuff, but make sure that you track it so you know when you've succeeded it.


Small daily actions that impact your goals will get you somewhere further than hodgepodge here, there and everywhere, doing random things to get towards your goal. But the main thing is stay focused and be mindful because these will have a long term effects on your goals and your plans just being intentional in what you do and why you do it. Can change the world, thank you for listening. This is helping us build our brand and get hired. I look forward to getting your e-mails.


If there's anything you want me to talk about on the show, please email me at Have a great rest of your week.


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