How to Relax More at Work, and Why

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Hello and welcome to the Not So Travelling Introvert today I want to continue a conversation I started having actually at an event I was part of talking about work productivity, but more like how to relax and refresh and recharge at work and why so nearly 80% of work as a reporter to feel that they feel stressed at work and roughly half of them need help managing it and the other half just think that's the way it is and it doesn't have to be. Stressful. Environments do not breed positive productivity.


It hinders and store success and creativity, and your mind just doesn't work too well and de stress for long periods of time. So when you can't take a break or relax at work, you generally can't make the right decisions to perform.


At Ur best, you will always be underperforming, making it harder to focus on what matters and ultimately affecting your professional goals or tasks that you need to do. So one of the things I really recommend is recognise your triggers. Actively take notice of the things that are causing you stress, so it be obvious others not so much to have a notebook or a post it note. You can write a list so you can create a more personalised way to combat them when you're uncomfortable or you start to feel stressed.


Write it down.


You don't have to do anything then, but examine it later and it will help you better identify what is causing problems. This way you can make sure that you're doing the right actions to counteract those issues and those triggers and to make work that much better for you, speak up and establish your boundaries. You must speak up if things or people are taking advantage of your space and time. If the hours are too long or too many meetings back to back and the causing you to experience problems, speak to somebody about it to a manager.




Find a solution. Honesty and establishing healthy work boundaries are essential for any positive relationship. Ensure you have an optimised workspace and I feel this one set up your environment and dash for success for you. You don't add items that get in your way or distract you. Add things that help you reach your work goals and be more efficient but also inspire you.


Do you like being at the beach? If so, can you get a tiny part of the sea and stick it in the wall in front of you? Do you want to remember how to get stuff done? So you have a little poster that says stuff and what to do? Yes.


No in the next step. So you just kind of look at it. Whatever it is that can optimise your workspace for you to work more efficiently or happier. Anything to make you happy. It could be a little stuffed toy, it could be a plant, it could be dual monitors, whatever it is.


See if you can get that set up for you and take short, quick breaks. Often take small five to ten minute breaks in between us and focus on your breathing and relaxing your muscles. Go for a short work around the office or your house or your building wherever it might be, go outside on a break or turn on some calming music or even just meditate for five minutes. Do something that completely distracts you from the noise or the chaos or the overwhelm and stress at work and reduces the tension.


However, don't rent to others.


This time should only be used to focus on you, your body and your mind because when you invite other people, you're not giving yourself a real break. And the other thing which is so much harder to do these days is keep work at work. You don't need to take your work stress home or do your home environment. When you're at home, you can do nothing about work issues until you get back to work. So why use that time to focus on negativity play music to separate the time when you're at work, to the time when you're at home.


I know someone who even though they work and you live in the same environment, they will make sure they get up and go walk around the block as their commute. Do something that that's your mind has a chance to separate. Oh, I'm going home now. I'm going to work now. Once the work is done, it's done and must stop thinking about it.


Don't have notifications on your phone, don't have pings on your computer, have a different computer or whatever it is. Using these tips to help you relax and disconnect a little bit at work more often and stop stress in its tracks will be great because it will help you long term before plagues plague you and stops you doing other things and it's something we kind of forget. Our brain is not made. We are not made to work for 8 hours straight. So why we forcing ourselves to do so?


You will find you will be more productive and creative if you just give yourself time to breathe and have a break. Thank you for listening. This is Janice at The Career Introvert com helping you build your brand and get hired. Have a great rest of your week.


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