Court your Clients

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Just because they are your clients now, does not mean they will be your clients later!


[00:00:14] Hello and welcome to The Travelling Introvet. Today we are going to talk about follow up and the reason this has come up is because I did a post on LinkedIn which is very popular but also two or three things have happened recently that make me think that people just might not be aware of the implications of follow up. [00:00:33][18.8]

[00:00:33] So one thing I learnt really early on when I was a freelancer was the fact that I needed to follow up. I got this contract which involved me doing a lot of HR work we were working on this big project that involved sort of telling people all the different types of interviews that can be had different interview biases and how to get through them and so there was this huge checklist of things to do and then multiple people working on the project. There wasn't a project management software used but that's another matter. So I didn't really get updates or there was no communication from the client that I was working with. So at that time I did as I just did what we talked about and then I stopped and I didn't say anything. I was waiting to be told what to do next. And the thing was this was because I still had an employee mentality we get told what to do all the time. But as a freelancer I should have been more proactive. [00:01:31][58.3]

[00:01:32] I then met this person this client in person because I happened to be in Australia and we met and we talked and all was good and I went back and I did some more work and then stopped again and then out of the blue. As far as I was concerned they stopped my contract and cut it off said it was good work with me. Thanks very much but my lack of communication was a real problem. This was a shock to me because I was new at freelancing and didn't realise that and I'd had some freelance clients who were micromanagers. I learnt from then on to overcommunicate and over follow up. [00:02:06][34.0]

[00:02:07] Now on the flipside now that I hire people what I've had with three different companies recently is a distinct lack of follow up. I've definitely had someone go "well I didn't back from you". From your email and it's been two weeks and so I didn't know what you wanted to do I didn't message you. My response was well if you didn't hear back from me and you want to know what was going on you should messaged me. And the other thing was where's I've had another one who was very much. She did some work Monday Tuesday. Didn't hear from me until Monday. The next thing you know she's like hey just wanted to let you know this if you had anything for me you know you could do this I could do that let me know how I can help. She's very proactive and so I gave her more work as she asks for it. Follow up. And that's just sort of one kind of type of follow up. [00:02:52][44.7]

[00:02:52] There are many different types of follow up that I could talk about but as a freelancer from a freelancers point of view if you do not follow up with your clients and even your ex client you are leaving money on the table and you're leaving it open for someone else to come in and do your work and maybe better cheaper faster or the same but with just better communication. [00:03:20][28.3]

[00:03:23] I had another vendor that I was trying out actually. And so this was the test phase and they did one task for me. That was two weeks ago and I haven't heard from them, nothing. Not a peep and so from my point of view. Maybe you don't want me to pay you. Maybe I did something I don't know . You want me to pay you right you want me to give me money for services but you are not asking for the money. This is a problem. [00:03:52][28.8]

[00:03:53] Another vendor didn't have a backup plan that I think will be for another episode. So yes please follow up. You might think you're being annoying you might think they've got a lot of emails but you'd be surprised how many more sort of slip through the cracks or don't open it. Want to respond something happens and they end it just like drops down the list of e-mails they never see and so sending a reminder is helpful until they tell you to stop sending reminders if they don't do that. Keep sending reminders. Hi I just wanted to check in on this. Hi I just wanted to check in on that. Oh. I saw this article and thought of you just because they are already a client doesn't mean you need to stop courting them. [00:04:31][38.0]

[00:04:32] You need to continue courting your clients even when you have them already because you don't know what's going on you know they're looking at other things you don't notice bright shiny object that they're also looking at. That could take your place. You need to continue courting your clients even when you have them. That was my rant for the day. Thank you this is The Traveling Introvert. [00:04:32][0.0]


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