Benefits of alone time

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As an introvert, you likely like to have alone time. 

There are benefits to spending time alone.


Schedule into your days alone time. Here are some benefits to a healthy amount of alone time.


It is important to enjoy your own company, alone time enables you to just be in the moment with yourself. This will overall give you more peace and can make you a better friend 


Time alone can encourage creativity. When you are alone and centered you will find that this is when your best ideas will come to you due to the lack of distractions. 


You might find that you get more done. Without distractions, you will be surprised at what you can get done in a short amount of time.


Spending time alone is a great way to recharge. Even 10 minutes to yourself can be beneficial. Find something that revives both your mind and body. 


Spending time alone can help you clear your mind. A few deep breaths alone can recenter you. 


Ideally, you can find an hour of alone time each day but even 10 or 30 minutes can be beneficial. If you can’t, even a 2-minute break alone with deep breaths can give you what you need to recenter and take on the tasks ahead. 


Spending time alone can help relieve some stress. A lot of stress comes from the people around you. Scheduling the alone time gives you something to look forward to and keeps you pushing through your day. Your alone time can be spent any way you want.  Sit, meditate, read, watch tv, it’s up to you. Humans are not meant to always be on, scheduling alone time will allow you to be a more rounded and healthy person. 


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