Bait and Switch

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, I kind of want to talk about the bait and switch. This is something that I've experienced a couple times over the years. And just when I think I know when I'm going to be baited and switched on, I kind of have an idea, bam, it happens again. So let me give you an example of what a bait and switch might be. Someone reached out to me on LinkedIn and said, Oh, I heard about you through mental health, remote working.


I love that you work that you're doing and your values love to speak with you further, because I'm currently writing a book on these things and I want to talk to experts about the different views on mental health, remote working and that sort of a thing. Great. I'm like, here's my email address. Set up some time and then I say, OK, here's my calendar. OK, let's set up some time to talk. And the calendar actually says interfere with coaching expert, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


And they mentioned you be speaking to one of my members of my team because I'm super busy, but they'll be doing the interview and that's fine. They have my blessing, OK? And, you know, I get my two day warning, my day warning, my No. Ten minute warning, get on the call. And the person admits it's the first day that it's not a problem. So we go through, he asks me, does it stop recording?


We say hello. We talk about general staff. Then halfway through, he starts recording. He asked me three questions, did not ask any follow up questions and or any sort of good interview techniques. It was, you know, ask question A I sort of answer, but not really. And then he doesn't answer ask any follow up questions. Now, bearing in mind that blocked off forty five minutes of my time for this interview. This interview consisted of three questions.


Then as soon as that was over, maybe seven minutes into the call, this person was so sure. I'd like to know more about X person's work. Would you like me to set up an interview with them? And I'm like, can you tell me more about the book? And so they said, I just started. I don't really know. And it's really, you know, passionate about and they want to do and they want to speak to people like you.


If anything comes up from the book, you know, we'll let you know so you can we can quote you and what have you. But would you like to speak to this person about what they want to do? Part of their membership group is bla bla bla bla bla. I say, wait a minute, you blocked out forty five minutes, of which you barely used seven to speak to me about my expertise, and now you're plugging a membership group to help me grow my business.


But ask me if that was a problem in the first place and why would I go to you for help? But that's what they did. They baited and switched. They made it look like they wanted my expertise on remote work because I've been doing it before. It became hip.


But really, they wanted me to join their membership group to help grow my business within their business. And it kind of started small l m me like you pay into it and then we might give you some stuff, but then you have to get other people. Well that's how we get people out. I don't know. So this was a bait and switch, but apparently they're fully aligned with my values and et cetera, et cetera. And would I like to set up some time to talk with boss person or actually both persons lead team?


Because obviously I'm not talking to her. So part of me wants to say no, but I'm going into this year with a open curiosity and discovery. This is my theme for this year of year of discovery. So what I want to do is go to the next section and see what this call will bring, what is their membership, how much it is, because nowhere on any websites that I have looked at has pricing, which is something that I should talk about in the next episode and what it is they're expecting from me.


And no, they did not make me sign anything for their book. So far there's been no contract because I ask the question, have they done something like this before? Because I have and I don't think you're doing it right. Not can get a straight answer on that. It was more like I know they're very passionate about it, but it's my first like any started with the last week, so I don't really know. PORKED, I don't know has had any onboarding.


Is that those, in fact the company culture or knows anything about the project that he is currently working on. That's really interesting. Um, so yes, if you have been the subject to a bait and switch, I would love to hear about it. Please email me at I know what happened, what you did. I will not mention companies or organizations, but please be aware that this happens. And it is it gives people a bad name.


Thanks for listening. This is


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