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, I want to talk about many hats as a business owner and most solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, especially at the start of their journey, you will find that you wear many hats.


And this can be great to start with as you get to know what different parts of your business do and how to how it gets done and getting systems in place in that sort of a thing. But generally speaking, this is what happens. We had a day job. You were basically sort of the the person that did all the things at that day job. And then you took whatever you did at that day job and transposed it into a business. But what happened was you were like the technician.


You were the person people went to for X, Y and Z, and you were good at that. And that's what you did. You had the tasks and you did the tasks. You had a manager and now you moved to this business where you're still kind of doing the tasks. But what you're forgetting about is managing and being the CEO. So when you are an entrepreneur, yes, you have to wear many hats. But there are three really important hats for you to wear.


The technician hat, the technician hat is where you do the thing. The whatever the thing is that you do, you get paid for. That is the technician hat. Should you wear that all the time? No. Should you designate maybe certain hours of the day that you do that on certain days of the week that you do that?


Yes. Then apart from a technician hat, there's the manager hat. The manager has sort of a better overview, like is a technician doing the thing? Is it the right thing that they're doing? Are they working with the right clients? How can I get more clients like that for the technician to work with? Do they have systems in place? Is a support? Do they have the tech or of those things? Those are managerial type things. You should definitely spend time during your week with your manager hat on thinking about you as a separate person, as the technician and how you need to manage the technician and their workload, because as the manager, that's what you're thinking about doing.


So you have the technician and you spend, to be fair, most of your time being the technician. But then you also need to think about being the manager and having a manager hat on. And the third hat.


And this is the hat that really is the hardest to start wearing. As someone who might have had a day job and watching a company and then running their own business is the CEO hat. And this is because.


You tell know what you see if you work in a big company, you don't really know if he does. You've probably seen them got a newsletter from them. It's not really them and other things, but you don't really know what the CEO does. And so breaking out time in your schedule to be CEO is really nebulous.


And so some of the things that you should be thinking about when you when your CEO hat is budgets and cash flow and partnerships and how you are going to grow the business. And what you can do to grow the business that might not only have that you, the technician person, may be the technician and somebody else, but the CEO hat is the hardest hat to remember because there are decisions that you might make as a CEO that you would not make as a technician or a manager.


And you have to separate those things in your head. You always have to have three different personalities, almost, but definitely the CEOs, the vision, the CEO knows what they want the overall brand to be. They know what the company is going to do. They know the type of communication they want to go out. They they have this vision. And normally, as an entrepreneur, you're so stuck being the technician that you kind of forget all of those other things and you get in the week.


And so making sure that you start out time every week where you where the CEO hat, the manager hat and the technician hat, it's separate times, separate places, and also for different types of meetings or certain meetings where it's really good for you to go in as a technician, like I know what I'm doing and here's stuff. And there's other times when it's really good for you to go into a meeting with the CEO hat on. And as an entrepreneur, you kind of forget that.


So when you're thinking about a meeting or making a decision, think to yourself, am I making this decision as a CEO?


Manager or technician, because that might change the type of decisions that you make and how you make them so that they really important distinct hats. Yes, you've got the sales hat and all the rest of it. But those are the three main distinct hats that you need to think about when you are moving from being an employee to running your own business and being an entrepreneur. Thank you for listening. This is janice@thecareerintrovert.com helping you and introverts build their brand and get hired.


Thank you for listening and have a great rest of your week.


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