How to make yourself visible at work

Published on: 16th August, 2022

I'm grabbing another one from the archives for you this week, and this is a classic one to talk about how you can make your work visible, as well as doing sort of a mini skills assessment to see your areas of strength and your areas of growth so you can access this free four part mini assessment. And let's start by making you the star you deserve to be seen.

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Hello and welcome to the travelling introvert, or the not so travelling introvert. Today I'm going to talk about why you need to regularly assess your skills. I think something that happens as we go through life and we come across a problem, we deal with it, we move on to the next problem or move on to the next thing. And there's a kind of time of year where people are planning for the next year and looking back from the previous year and we tend to look at what we've done, what we've accomplished. And one thing that really needs to happen is to regularly assess what skills you have and what you've learned or what you need to change or what isn't useful anymore.


And we don't do this enough. Anyone who wants to improve and prosper, even your professional or your personal lives, you need to make time to assess your skills. And this can be, I don't know, every quarter is a good way of doing it. I mean, when you're an employer, you know often employers will have a yearly assessment, feedback and so on and so forth to make sure that their employees are learning and growing with the new company. This is because it benefits the company as a whole.


If you improve your team, the company improves and the bottom line improves. And so, whether you're an employee or an employer or just entrepreneur, regularly assessing your skills is really important. And so think about these things. When you are assessing your skills, what can you do to improve your quality and speed? Productivity is a crucial attribute for successful people.


And to do this, you must improve your quality. And by doing so, you'll take less time doing things. After all, getting more done isn't good enough if it's not done well.


Also, when you're regularly assessing your skills, use it as a time to self-reflect. Self-reflection is vital for successful career business life in general. It provides time to look within yourself and see where you can improve and what you've accomplished. So putting this in your calendar on a regular basis and making it a non-negotiable is a way of doing this. Now, when you are thinking about assessing your skills, also think about your strengths and how you can maximize those and all lead to new ones.


Repeating daily life stuff can make things easy to ignore what you are truly good at. So reflecting and testing your skills and reassessing your abilities will allow you to focus even more on areas that you are great at and allowing you to perfect that skill even more. And on the flip side, of course, is also understanding your weaknesses and how to improve them. Just how looking back and reassessing your skills will highlight what your strengths are. It should also highlight what your weaknesses are, your shortcomings and make them far more visible to you.


This is great because if it's done more than once a year. You want it to work towards bettering them or having a plan to mitigate your weakness. If you are selling, if you are bad at certain things, you can outsource it or you can learn to make it better. Often, if you reassess this on a more regular basis, you'll figure out where that gap is. An outsourcing is fine, but the sooner you figure that out, the sooner things can balance out and work out better.


Also, when you're assessing your skills, it allows you to take education and learning into your own hands. It provides you the ability to be more self-aware and acknowledge your achievements as well as your failures. And it also gives you a clearer, more defined path to learn and develop yourself interpersonally and professionally. If you want to grow as a person and have a more successful career or business or work on your life goals, you need to continually make time to evaluate your abilities so that you know where to improve and where you lack. You can go ahead and look for online skill assessments or personality tests.


Ask friends and co-workers to assess you. Look at past reviews, past things that you've said about yourself. These are just a few ways that you can get valuable feedback on your current abilities so that you can enhance your career, advance your business, and accomplish your goals. Reviewing is crucial. Thank you for letting this is janice@thecareerintrovert.com, helping you build your brand and grow your business.


Have a great rest of your day.


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