Why you need to know how to use a calendar

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I would like to talk about calenders so some people are ruled by their to do list, some people are ruled by their project management and some people are ruled by their calendar. Regardless if you are ruled by any of these, when someone wants to set up time with you, your calendar is kind of important. And so nothing is more frustrating to somebody than having you send your in important information that's needed for a call in an email that isn't a calendar invite, considering so many people are working online these days.


And if you do have even if you do have a simple Gmail account, your Gmail account is attached to a calendar. If you have an outlook account, your outlook is attached to a calendar. If you're on Apple, then it will be attached to Aikau like it goes hand in hand. It's very rare that you have access to like an email situation where you cannot add it to a calendar. If you don't if you send information just in an email, it means the person can lose that email.


It means the person then has to copy and paste it into their calendar to make sure that it pops up. And they remember you are creating extra work for the other person that you want to meet. And the assumption is you want to make meeting with you as quick and painless as possible. So making that person have to open that email, open their calendar. And it's especially worse if they have to do a time zone conversion and put it in their calendar.


So you've got a meeting. It's like two thirty UK time, but you're in central United States. You then have to go Google the time difference, put it in your calendar, hope it's right and then go ahead and copy and paste all the information. Why would you want someone to have to do that? That is that is painful and unprofessional and makes the person hate you just a little bit, to be fair. And then there's the other type of person who will send you an email going, hey, we should meet at this time.


I'll send you a link closer to the time. So then again, you have to copy and paste the information. And then if you're preparing for the day and you want everything in order, but you don't have this link, and if you're jumping from meeting to meeting, you know, maybe you only check your email three times a day, maybe you only check your email once a day. But because of this particular person, you then have to go and look, try and find that email or wait for that email to come through, assuming it comes through on time, try not to get distracted by all the other emails you're seeing.


Find that information and then copy and paste it wherever you need it. Again, frustrating people who do not send calendar invites. Please, please, please think about the person on the other end and what they have to go through just to attend your meeting, which I'm sure you have. It's very important for you and things that you want to talk about and will be great for everyone concerned. But at the same time, you are making it that much harder for someone to meet with you and do it with a good frame of mind and a good reference.


So if you are that person that doesn't send Calenda invites and there might be a reason for it, maybe you don't you're not run by your calendar. Maybe you run by your to do list or your your email. But the thing is, you just making it hard for people to find that information. And if you are leading the meeting. Yes. You sending out that that link ten minutes before works for you. But do you think about other people, especially when they've message you to express this this problem, at least message them back and say, OK, well, this is why I do X, Y and Z.


It could be the systems issue. It could be the way stuff is set up at work. But explaining it to somebody, especially when they've asked about it, is really helpful. Ignoring the email. That's not great. So thank you for listening. This is Janice at The Career Introvert dot com helping people build their brand and get hired. I would love to answer any questions that you have here on the show. Please email me at Jannis at The Career Introvert dot com.


Have a great rest of your day.


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