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I realize that this is possibly a topic I haven't gone over whenever I am working with new contractors to taking on new staff. One of my go to questions always is, what does introversion mean to you? Because as we know, there's a lot of misinformation out there and I wanted to just talk about some of the things that people say when I ask them what introversion means to them, bearing in mind what I do and where they find me, where they hear my name.


So one person said to me, Introversion means being more comfortable, either alone or in smaller crowds, are not expressing ideas and thoughts outside of an inner circle. So I found this really interesting, that the thought process there wasn't necessarily about being aloof, it was just setting boundaries and knowing that very comfortable with a smaller group of people, people you trust and telling them about stuff which was interesting. And someone else said it's being shy and possibly not being able to or wanting to express oneself, always wanting to be alone and indoors.


And I think they're not being able or wanting to express oneself could come from, yes, quite happy to express oneself, but get shot down by extra first or by other people or in general, what needing the right time or to think about something before expressing oneself which can come across as hesitancy. Then someone said, introversion for me means a lack of confidence.


Okay, I wanted to delve a little bit deeper into that and asked, Why does introversion mean a lack of confidence? And they're very much like, well, if you're not outgoing and bubbly, it means that you are not confident in your abilities or what you want to do. So there's that juxtaposition there. You have to be seen as outgoing and bubbly to be sure of yourself. And that's not necessarily true.


A lot of people who are sure of themselves, whether they are introverts or extroverts, might not be out there or the time they're just cracking on and doing their thing. This next statement was really interesting. It was an internet is a person who is shy and not able to convey their ideas to the world in a convincing manner. So it's not what you say, but how you say it according to this person makes an introvert an introvert, which is really fascinating. And someone mentioned introversion to them was focusing about how they handle emotions with their mind.


So when I delve a little bit deeper to them, being an introvert or an extrovert was all a mind game kind of a thing like you could get out of your comfort zone if you really wanted to, sort of a thing, which was fascinating. Now I'm going to move on to introverts that I've spoken to and what they feel introverts or introversion is. So someone said, as an introvert to me, it means only being able to handle groups of people for so long. I require time to recharge alone.


I prefer to be more alone than with others, which makes it hard for us to start businesses and brand.


Pitching to others about what we can do is draining someone else mentioned as an inert myself. I like to describe it as having my own bubble. It means knowing oneself, having a safe space to be alone with my own thoughts and feelings, and having the power to decide if and when I want to participate in what's going on on the other side. I love that she's happy with what they've got and she feels empowered, which is wonderful. Someone mentioned that I'm an introvert all the way, and to me it means that I want to recharge, and I do this by spending time alone with self care and meditation or just downtime helped with that.


I process things internally first and think about them before answering, and I love this statement. For me, introversion means having a calf and exciting world inside one's own thoughts. It is found that really, really fun, and there's nothing negative there that introverts said about themselves, which is really interested that it all comes from people who might see themselves as being more extroverted. So dear Listener, I'd love for you to email me and let me know. What does introversion mean to you?


Email me at Janice at the current overt com helping you build your brand and get hired, and I guess I should finish with to me for me, for me and my introversion, it means where I get my energy from how I recharge. I am occasionally shy, but generally it's me figuring out for like you are not an on going from there, but yeah, how I get managing how I recharge, and it's an ongoing learning journey and process. All right. Thank you for listening. Has a great rest of your week.


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