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Breaking down which travel apps I use and why

[00:00:14] Hello and welcome to The Traveling Introvert. Today I am going to talk about travel apps and the reason I say this is because I love travel apps and also they have gotten me out of some situations and just because there are many uses for them that I think people don't realize. So I am about to change phones and I'm looking at all my apps and I have a whole section called travel apps. So I want to talk about the apps that I have regarding travel and why I love and use them. And it's funny because I know a lot of people and a lot of digital nomads who travel a lot don't use some of these. I'm fascinated by them and I dont travel half as much as they do. [00:00:57][43.7]

[00:00:58] The first one I wanna talk about is TripIt. It is a free app and basically it will go into your email scan any emails hotel reservations, concert tickets, flight reservations and pour them into this one app. Now the reason why I love this app is because it is available off line. If you have just landed in a foreign country and you dont have internet and immigration ask you. So where are you staying if you don't know the address instad of being in a hot panic or cold sweats. You can look up the hotel or whatever is in Tripit because it works off line. You can put notes in and you can put photos in and you can share it with friends, family, co-workers, etc. and you can also have other people build an itinerary for you so if you have a V.A. for example setting up all of your stuff they can put it in there for you and be seen as a planner or as just someone who watches or someone who is a participant. So the free version is very very good. I've never used the pro version but I know it like keeps track of miles and stuff like that. [00:01:57][58.5]

[00:01:57] The next thing, airline apps always have the app of the airline you are flying with. Some apps are better than others for example some apps are just literally redirected to the web page. Other apps are more robust. You can check in using the app, you can have your boarding pass on the app and even if you do that take a screenshot so you have it in case you don't have internet. Some apps will show you like the layout of the airport that you go to or where the nearest lounges is or you can track your baggage using the app. So I highly recommend that just because there's been times where maybe you don't have access to a computer but you do have access to your phone and using the app is just a really good deal. [00:02:40][42.2]

[00:02:40] Exchange rate app can be useful. Not when I'm travelling but because I get paid from different people in different countries I have and different payments go out in different currencies. I find the exchange app is now ridiculously important to me even when I'm not traveling. [00:02:55][15.6]

[00:02:56] I am going to say Uber but I know a lot of people are not Uber friendly. Some countries you don't have a choice. And the reason why I like it is because if I'm landing in a foreign country and I don't know where I'm going Uber does. I'm not sort of relying on a local taxi driver who may or may not take me the scenic route. [00:03:14][17.8]

[00:03:14] The next thing that I do really like is Hotel Tonight and mainly because the app is fast loading. This sounds sort of like a really random thing for me but I've got the Orbitz app and that app takes so long to load and I have to swipe through some things and just putting in information takes that much longer than if I am in a rush or my battery is about to die. I am more likely to pick Hotel Tonight than I am the Orbitz app and Hotel Tonight I have now got there own rewards system where the more money you spend eventually you get more discounts and that sort of thing. [00:03:47][32.9]

[00:03:49] Google maps off line. Also amazing. Before you go anywhere and also if it is linked to your calendar it knows this it will message you letting you know that your trip to New York starting soon and would you like to download a map for that? Having an off line map is super helpful. Again if you don't have data on your phone and will tell you where you are and you can also mark off favorite restaurants places you want to go and that sort of thing. And and one that is slightly less travel related. [00:04:18][29.2]

[00:04:19] A podcasting app I love radio public because not only the podcasters get paid but you know you get a good listening experience and they introduced me to some very random podcasts that I never would have found all by myself and so that is an app and I find ridiculously helpful. [00:04:34][15.3]

[00:04:35] Another app and it looks like last app because I'm running out of time no one is memorize. This one is a really good language app that gamifies use. Gamifing is the big thing right now how you learn a language and so I've been going through it. I did it with Spanish and I did it with Japanese and I was going to Japan and I learned some stuff through it. So obviously not as fast as google translate. [00:04:58][22.6]

[00:04:58] So those sort of the travel apps that I use. Hope someone has found that helpful and please feel free to tell me what travel apps you use. Jump in to the Facebook group and on the Facebook page and tell me what apps that you use. I would love to know because I love finding out about new and different apps. So thank you very much. And till next time. [00:04:58][0.0]


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