Themes for the new year

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We are coming to the end of 2021, and it’s a great time to talk about Themes. These aren’t goals or resolutions for the New Year. But instead, overarching themes for your New Year or even next season. 


Traditionally you might start a New Years’ resolution, but these goals tend to be strict and ridged on the intended action. Say “work out every day” or “lose 10 lbs by x date”. And when we miss a day or don’t achieve our goal, it derails the entire resolution, and we then have “failed.” Instead, a theme is a word or short sentence that guides you through the year or season to make more decisions towards your said theme. 


My 2021 theme was Year of Discovery, so I chose activities that would let me “discover” something new throughout the year. As long as you move forward in choosing activities within your theme, you won’t fail. 


Themes help you avoid burnout. The broadness of themes means you can choose something different daily and still move forward with your theme. You will feel more accomplished at the end of the summer or year, having chosen activities within your theme. 


Themes are easy to pivot and change as well. If you think you like learning via reading books but come to find you prefer to listen to books with your theme as “winter of learning,” you are staying within your theme and keeping motivated. 


Theme can also be made seasonally to avoid the feeling like you have all year to get something done. It shortens down your time frame and pushes you toward your theme faster.


Themes are a different way to look at things and change your frame of mind. 

If you want more info on Themes check out CGP Grey

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