The problem with multitasking

6 minutes

We all multitask, so being aware of when you are multitasking and why can be very helpful. 

Everyone might think they are good multitaskers, but our brains are not wired to multitask; it's not designed for it. 

It is important to avoid multitasking when doing specific tasks. (ie. Reading, driving, learning, writing). 

What we call "multitasking" is actually task switching. Meaning you go back and forth between tasks. You aren't really doing both at the same time, more so not focusing on either task. Multitasking also causes you to be slower. When you don't give 100% focus to one task, it will take you longer to complete your tasks. 

Multitasking can also cause you to make some mistakes. Mistakes can range from deadly, like in instances of texting and driving, or just an unneeded mistake. 

When completing a task with multiple steps, be sure to focus on your task at hand to avoid mistakes or inaccuracies. 

Multitasking can make you stressed. When things are taking longer or mistakes are being made, this adds stress. 

When your brain has too much going on, it can get information overload that can cause problems with your memory. Your brain starts filtering information incorrectly, giving everything the same weight of importance. 

When you have multiple tasks to complete, do one task at a time, do not kind of do each task at the same time. 

Knowing and acknowledging that you are task switching and not multitasking allows you to categorize similar tasks. For example emails, you might want to work through your emails consisting of info, things to get done, archives, calendar invites. If you filter each of thous individually, you will find that you will get things done quicker because you will not be task switching through your email work. Attempting to multitask can ruin your creativity and take the joy away from the things you like to do. Take the time to enjoy life by focusing on one thing at a time. 


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