Staying at a job for sentimental reasons

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Introvert today I'm going to talk about staying with your employer for sentimental reasons, and this has come up due to a couple of clients that I've been working with and. It's a case of I've got a client, she has been working with a Start-Up for eight years, she was an employee in about four or five. She's been with them through thick and thin. She's helped build processes, build the company that she's not a co-founder and worked 60, 70 hour weeks well, obviously at 40 an hour pay.


And basically her life was consumed by this organisation. And she did rise up the ranks along the way due to experience within that organisation. It was like her first job and also due to just knowledge, she went and pulled together and created processes and documentation and programmes and figured out how to basically run this type of logistics company. And now it's got to a stage where the company is heading in a direction that she doesn't agree with. There are people have values, and this company, when she started with them, were very much in line with her values.


But now, as time has moved on and the company has gotten bigger, they have moved away from those core values and she's tried to tug them back time and time again, to let alone no success, to the point where she's wondering why she is the only one talking about the company's core values anymore. She has some options of she started a business on the side that she's got, but she's staying with the organisation right now because of stock options.


And because she doesn't want to leave under bad terms, she would like to have a six to 12 month transition to go part time and then transition out of the organisation. And the CEO apparently agreed with this. However, as time has gone on, because she set up her particular department to be able to run without her and someone else is taking charge of her department, even the transition over for that, she wasn't she was cut out and it was just between the CEO and this new person and any other things that she's done.


She now has a new role within the organisation, but it hasn't really been clarified or talked about. And so she's finding it hard to get anything done because anything that she says is not perceived as important anymore from what she was doing before. And she is staying with the organisation. She wants it to go. Well, there's another person who worked for the organisation who also has been there for a couple of years, again, wants to leave in a professional manner, wants to do a transition.


And yet what is happening with this organisation is no decisions are being made, no information is being put across. Communication is very bad. And at the end of the day, most people that leave this organisation are escorted out. Basically, they are seen as dead to see suite of this organisation. They tend to blame whoever leaves for not sticking it out because. The culture of hustle and got to work harder, and if I can do this than everyone else can do this, which is pretty toxic and which is why people are leaving, they are tired and fed up of feeling underappreciated and underpaid, along with all the other things that are happening within this organisation.


And so my question to these people are, what's stopping you from leaving now? And they both and some others have said, because I believe in the organisation, because I want to leave in a professional manner. And most people seem to think that living in a professional manner is giving notice and then seeing what is said and comes down from on high. And if he says, yes, that's great, awesome. But if On High has a reputation for not making decisions and not saying anything, people are left on the hook.


So there are some people who have been left on the hook for over a month when they're trying to leave. Don't get yourself trapped in a situation where you think that you are worth more to the organisation than you really are. If you want out for your own mental health, get out. Don't wait and rely on other people to get you out. It's not worth it. Both of these people are burnt out, they're tired, and now they're just frustrated and leaves a bad taste in their mouth that they would not recommend working for the organisation, which isn't great PR.


So just a cautionary tale. For those of you who might be thinking of leaving your current employer, they won't care. I mean, some will, but most jobs won't care if and when you leave. So we do it when it's right for you. Thanks for listening. This is Janice at The Traveling Introvert. Looking forward to speaking with you soon. Have a great rest of your week.


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