Selfish Self Care For Introverts

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 Today I'm going to talk about selfish self care. And the reason I'm calling it selfish self care, or lazy self care is because this was spurned by a post I saw by friend of mine who mentioned that whenever friends cool, too lazy for taking a nap, and she was like, This is my business. This is how I run my business. If I am not well, or I don't feel like doing stuff, or I want to take a nap for my mental health. I can do so. It doesn't make me lazy


fascinated me because why would someone I kind of get why someone would think you're lazy if you're napping. But as long as stuffs getting done and you're living your life and you're not hurting anybody, why should it be a problem? And the reason is, although self care is very much a buzzword these days that you must take self care and you must do this self care thing and that other self care thing. If you actually Truly go ahead and do it in a way that isn't considered to be the norm or fashionable. People get butthurt about and I really don't understand why. If taking a nap works for you and makes you feel better or clears your brain or whatever it is that you have to do, go take a nap, that is your self care. If you need to do stretches, go ahead do that. If and this this is kind of seen this happen a lot new mothers if you need one full night's sleep, and it means that you have to pay for a hotel and leave your kids with your other half and you go and do that. That is fine. It gives you a full night's sleep. I have a friend who has been sleep deprived now for I think three years. She's actually forgotten what it feels like to have a full night's sleep that is not healthy for you. So going and doing whatever it is you need to do so you get one full night's sleep and you come back feeling

amazing. Go Do

that. So what if people think it's selfish? It's selfish to you, you have to put you first if you don't know what else is going to, and if you are not 100% Okay, no one's ever 100% 90% 99% How can you give to other people, people seem to think that you should just keep giving when your cup your energy, whatever it might be, is half full. And that doesn't help anybody. You need to be filled up first before you can go ahead and give and as interest. Sometimes we want to go ahead and take ourselves time or do whatever it is we need to do. But society is famous. Why are you so quiet? Don't you ever talk? Oh, you're just being alone again, why do you never come out and see as a very negative thing when you are very much doing your own introvert related self care. That's all you're doing. You are taking care of you. You are doing your self care. And it is selfish and that is fine. I don't think selfish is quite frankly the right word. But right now that's what we're going with. So you know what you need for your mind, body, soul, Allah, whatever it is that you need. So go ahead and do that. And if you don't know what it is you need, try and figure it out or ask someone


or write down a journal what when you feel happiest and lightest and fulfilled? Do you need to go and do some yoga? Do you need to go and write a book? Do you need to go ride a bicycle? Do you just need to go for a walk? Or do you just need to put on noise cancelling headphones for 10 minutes? What is it that you need? self care can come in so many different things. And I think it's really good to have like a bucket, I say a bucket list of things that you can do for your own self care. Because sometimes, you know, the one thing isn't always the thing you need in that situation. So write down a list of things that you know help recharge you in various ways. You might do certain things. When you are feeling overwhelmed. You might do certain things when you've been socially accepted that you might do so things because of work, you might do certain things because you like doing certain things. Have this list and make sure you try and do at least one of them today. Because I think that's that's what we miss out on my say busy working and being on the internet and doing all these other things that just in one thing per day that brings you joy and peace and balance to your life can make a huge difference long term. So give me permission. Go ahead because some people need permission. Some people feel that they need to, you know, have someone tell them, go ahead and look after you are important. You know what you need. No one else can tell you what you need. Go and look after yourself. Make that list and do one thing per day off that list that brings you joy recharges you and brings balance back to your life. Thank you for listening. This was Janice at the career introvert, helping introverts build their brand and get hired if you have any questions or things you want me to

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