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I want to talk about self assessment or that can other both be sort as self view or a retrospective. This is something that this came  up recently with the clients that I work with, but also just myself. I'm very good at planning. I say that I'm fairly good at planning most of the time, but very, rarely do I take the time to review and look back and see what you know, what has happened and how it's happened and maybe reasoning why.


So I've all these data points, but I'm not really using them to the to you know, how I could improve things for myself on my business. And so some of my clients and now started doing retrospectives from products that they've done. But here's the thing about doing sort of self assessments or your views. It helps you to be honest and open and ask yourself challenging questions and the reason why you want to do this so you can learn. It's not just for you to do a workplace on annual sort of review to get a promotion or anything like that.


It's a great strategy to use on yourself yearly, monthly, weekly, whatever sort of time period feels right for you to ensure you are on the right path for your idea of success. Just think about it for if you never got the opportunity to reflect new abilities and mistakes and what you want in life, you know, how does that really affect when you're going? How would you know if you're making the right decision to ensure the future is the way that you want it to be see you at some time.


And one of the things you should do, especially if you do this weekly, is what is one thing is a question I should say, what is one thing that I struggled with this week? And the more often you ask yourself that question, the easier it will become, because sometimes you don't want to admit that you've struggled with anything like that.


Everything this week was fine. But the more that you ask yourself and you're like, okay, well, today I struggled or this week I struggled with getting spending time in myself or setting boundaries or whatever it might be. Then the next question from that is sort of OK, well, how can I make sure that doesn't happen again, or what can I do to improve my chances of it not happening again? And so that gives you the actionable steps to take that will help make your life better in the long run.


Another question could be what negative is emotions?


Have I experienced this week day, month, whatever it is and why this will help you figure out maybe certain aspects of certain situations that start these emotions and set them off? Another question you could ask yourself is, what change can I make right now to get me closer to my goals. You might have three or four different types of goals, but it could be what can I change right now that will get me closer to my self care goals or what can I change right now? That will make me do X, Y and Z.


And when you think about what that change is, then go ahead and put it in your calendar, but it can note of it to make that change and go ahead and do it right then and then document and keep track, keeping track of your progress and achievements.


Failures in most challenges and rewards. These are all essential for you to look back and be like, oh, I felt this at this time. I didn't realise that it's probably because of this, this and this. Oh, all right. So I should avoid it in the future because of this.


This or this helped me grow. Or this helped me change this or this is why I ended up doing this particular thing and not the other. Take the time to be proud of yourself. Brag on yourself. A little self evaluation or reflection isn't just about the bad stuff.


You should also the good stuff, too. And it's not about comparing. It's not about a competition. It's just making sure that you're aligned in what you want to do and making yourself better, incrementally, bit by bit. It's a great thing.


Also learn forgiveness and be more mindful be forgiving to yourself realise that you are human. And yes, you will make mistakes, and that's okay. But dwelling on them instead of forgiving yourself and taking action is really where you will fail and stay sort of trapped and not move forward and to make sure that you do take the time to put like, yes, this happened. Yes, it wasn't quite what I wanted. This is what I've learned from it.


This is what I'll do. Moving forward to this happen again. Now move on forgiving yourself and realising your human is key and also part of that is that the thinking about it because making a mistake might be lead to negative thinking. Failure isn't a negative. There's a positive, positive side to it, but yes, go ahead and ask yourself those questions today and then maybe do it once a week whenever you listen to this podcast.


Thank you for listening. This is Janice at the Cure. Introvert. Com. Helping you build your brand and get hired.


Have a great rest of your week.


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