PR Agency Fail

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In this episode I am talking about how PR agencies are missing the mark when it comes to podcasts.

Hello, and welcome to the traveling introvert. 

I'm going to tell you a little story.

Basically, I have a podcast This is now obvious. However, there are podcasts on the wave up and people want to get on podcast to grow their brand, or to promote their latest book or their latest course or whatever it might be, which is great. And it is a great way to build your brand and to build backlinks and SEO for your website. And that is a good thing. However, right now there are a lot of PR companies also jumping on this bandwagon. Because one of the things is you know, you do book tours and now you do podcast tours, that sort of a thing that you can do to grow your brand. And so a lot of PR agencies are talent. That they can help you get on to podcast, which is great, and some are very good at it. However, recently, I got contacted by a PR agency. And they said, Hey, we have this particular client, they're also basically do the same thing that you do. And we think they'd be great for your podcast. Also, this person and can talk about the following topics, and it was literally like, what is an introvert and things like that. And there was some typos. And you know, they signed off, they gave me the person's name, and they signed off as a PR agency. And normally, I ignore these because I get a lot of them I get a lot of requests on LinkedIn, or on the email, you know, at Janice at the current, sort of, Hey, you know, this person would be great for your show. And a lot of the time I ignore it, but this time, I will wanted to do something different. So I looked up the person that they were talking about, and I found their contact details. And then I decided, Okay, maybe I can help this PR agency and what they're trying to do. And so I sent an email to the PR agency copying their client, and I said, Hey, thanks for reaching out, whoever it appears you didn't do any homework, or at least listen to one of my episodes. Because if you did, you would have noticed that, Oh, wait. I'm not an interview podcast. And I know that a lot of podcasts out there that aren't in that sort of thing. But I am not. Not only that, you didn't really have good topics for the person to talk about. There wasn't a good angle. You didn't tell me what they could bring to my audience. Should I have been an interview podcast, and you didn't provide me social media links, I had to then go and search information on this particular client. If you are looking to get this client on other podcasts, I highly suggest that you do the following. And I gave them a bullet pointed list of things that they might want to consider not the entire list, but things that would point them in the right direction. So the problem here is, obviously, it was a copy and paste email. And I get that because they're probably emailing like a bunch of people. But at the same time, just doing the tiniest amount of research would have, you know, yielded better numbers. Because it's not about the quality quantity of like emails that you spam out. It's the quality of the emails. And I said to them, hey, if you just listened to one of our episodes of, Hey, I really liked this episode you did on this and this, or if that actually research me, notice how many other podcasts I had been on. It could have been like, hey, you're really good on this podcast. Could you introduce us to that podcast so we could get our client on there? But they didn't. They missed out on so many different ways that they could have approached us they could have talked about the book, like oh, we really enjoyed the book, maybe you'd like to, you know, interview our person for the next series, but they didn't. And so because PR agencies are generally used to dealing with television or authors, and they just don't have the nuance required for podcasting because podcasting is very personal. The podcast is you have their podcast, generally, it's their babies, it's something they're very proud of, and they put a lot of hard work into etc, etc. And so it's really important that you get that personal connection or at least, you know, make the effort to make that personal connection, follow them on Facebook or Instagram or what have you, and then reach out to them. cold emailing can work so like oh my God, this, you know, amazing person emailed me, but at the same time, put a little bit of frickin effort in. So PR agencies if you are listening, just the tiniest things can make a huge difference and how that email could have gone so differently for that PR agency. And for that fellow introvert so happened that I carbon copied that person. And so they reached out to me directly, because they saw the email that I'd sent to their PR agency and obviously they're paying that boutique agency and lot of money for not quality work. So if you want to be on a podcast, make sure you personalize your email show your value and include your social media links, please. Thank you so much. Thanks for listening. This is And please send me emails of questions you would like me to answer live have a great day


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